Have you ever felt the joy of just pllaying. When we were young, excited to go meet friends, we fought, we argued, we pllayed, and had so much fun. Hit a six, smashed a shuttle, or jumped at the joy of our favourite team winning. Do you remember that feeling?

Well, that’s what we do at GoPllay. We sell fun.

GoPllay is a young startup in the sports space and are now hiring our first team. Imagine doing a monthly team meeting at the football ground, or while pllaying table tennis, well, that’s what we offer. Are you’re up to have a super time getting sporty whilst meeting targets and deadlines?  If so, come & join our exciting team, and get the world to Just GoPllay!

Job Openings

Internship Openings

Campus Brand Ambassador

Sales Team Member

  1. 0 to 3 years of Sales/ Operations Experience
  2. Ability to freely interact and connect with people
  3. A good understanding of Sports; football, basketball & endurance & racquet sports
  4. Job Location: Pune
  5. Key Activities:
        • On ground app downloads and activations
        • Managing sports partner relationships and handling day to day operations
        • Running on ground events and activities
        • Tracking tournaments and leagues taking place, and work on tie-ups with the organizers
        • Helping Sales leader identify and build new relationships

      Data Analyst

      1. 0 to 5 years of data analytics experience
      2. Excel expertise
      3. SQL/ Large database handling capability
      4. Analytical ability
      5. Understanding of Sports
      6. Program Management capability
      7. Job Location: Pune
      8. Key Activities:
            • Creation of Management Reports – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
            • Managing App Data Base
            • Data Analytics to identify key trends, areas of focus and opportunity areas
            • Supporting sales team with relevant data requirements
            • Working with Technology team to create data events and filters
            • Weekly publishing of Program Management sheet of all key activities
          1. All applicants to have their own personal transport

          Internship Openings


          Do you love sports? Like to hit the ground running, inspire people to play or simply enjoy sports. Love to interact with people and forge new relationships.

          If yes, we got a wonderful opportunity for you to come intern with us at GoPllay,
          a young startup attempting at making Sports an integral part of everyone’s lives in a fun & cool manner, with the added benefit, of getting fitter & staying healthy. Check us our site to get a sense of what we are creating

          Join us and help build this sporting community, skill up, learn along the way and have a fun sporting time

          Please Note:

          1. Location Pune

          2. All intern applicants must have their own transport – 2 wheeler is a must


          Hear from one of our Interns

          Campus Brand Ambassador

          Campus Brand Ambassador

          Are you an outgoing person who loves to socialize & love sports? If yes, read on ..

          GoPllay ( is a young startup founded by experienced founders, attempting at making Sports an integral part of everyone’s lives in a fun & cool manner. And we’re inviting applications for the role of Campus BAs to help build this sporting community, have loadsa fun through the journey & build your profile.

          The Role:

          1. Campus Outreach: Represent GoPllay in & out of campus & promote the app to the entire college – student & teacher communities
          2. University / College Sports Events: The GoPllay app is perfect for building leagues and events.
          3. Engagement: Drive fellow students to use the app by showing them all the cool features!
          4. Be creative: Suggest ideas, sports events, fun activities like challenges & quizzes etc. on a regular basis
          5. Some basic minimum key performance indicators (KPIs) shall be used to measure CBA performance regularly & reward the CBA on meeting them.
          6. Being social & social media skills are a must.

          What’s in it for you:

          1. Certificate: Campus Brand Ambassador
          2. Immersive Workshop
          3. GoPllay T-Shirt
          4. The CBA Program could also be used to build own projects that the university requires students to complete.
          5. Shoutouts (letters of recommendations) for selective CBAs that stand out.
          6. A potential internship or job opportunity post passing out (conditional, and subject to open positions available at the time), with either GoPllay, or any of our associates.
          7. The chance to be associated with one of India’s most promising sports startups