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Introducing Millenia Chess championship

Welcome to the prestigious Chess Championship, where strategic brilliance and mental prowess collide. Let us delve into the world of chess and celebrate the timeless game that has captivated minds for centuries. Register now to showcase your chess skills for our highly anticipated Chess Championship!


Preliminary Rounds : 18th, 19th July 2023

Final: 20th July, 2023


Venue: COWRKS Community Area, Millenia Business Park, Chennai

Last date of registration is 12th July, 2023

League format

Max participation – 32

1. Format: The Knockout championship will follow a single-elimination format, where players compete in head-to-head matches. The winner of each match advances to the next round, and the losing player is eliminated from the championship.
2. Opponent Selection:
The players will be paired randomly for their matches in each round. In the first round, the pairings will be determined through a random draw. The winners of the first round will then be paired randomly with each other for the second round and thereafter, ensuring a fair and unbiased selection process.
3. Time Control:
A standard time control of 25 mins + 3 second increment will be given. For example, each player will be given a fixed amount of time, i.e., 25 mins + 3 second increment, to complete their moves.


Winning Rules:
1. You checkmate your opponent.
2. Your opponent losses time
3. Your opponent makes 2 Illegal moves.


1. In case of a tie at the end of a game, tiebreakers (Blitz Game) will be used to determine the winner.
2. Blitz match between two players will have a time control of 3mins + 2 second increment.

Disputes and Appeals: Final call will be taken by the Arbiter. Please contact for doubts and result submission.

Illegal Move Rules: Moving a chess piece in a manner other than its predefined way of movement will be considered an illegal move.

Ignoring Check: If there is a check on the chessboard, playing a move that doesn’t stop the check will be considered illegal.
Placing the Queen in Check: Placing your queen on a square that is under attack by your opponent’s piece, resulting in the king being in check, is considered an illegal move.
Castling in Check: Attempting to castle when the path of the king is under attack is an illegal move.
Out of Turn Play: Playing a move during your opponent’s turn is strictly prohibited and considered an illegal move.

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20th July – Final

20th July – Semi Final

19th July – Quarter Finals

19th July – Round of 16

18th July – Round of 32


20th July Final

20th July  Semi Final

19th July  Quarter Finals

19th July

18th July


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